About Karen Powers Wan

I help people and communities build restorative prosperity.  I am an award-winning writer and sustainable program director, and certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project. I also serve on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board of the second largest city in Illinois, and the board for the National Water Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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Work With Karen

When You Need Personal Support

I offer three types of one-on-one support to help you love the life you have lived, and the one you are creating.  

  1. Honor Your Story - is my signature program to help you create a 20 page mini-memoir that you can use as the foundation for how you remember you life and move forward.  It's an important aspect of green prosperity.

  2. Map Your Next Chapter  - in this session we formulate a strategy for how to grow your prosperity in a green and restorative way.

  3. The Day of Restoration - is an intensive where we honor your life story and map out the next chapter of your life story.  We accomplish a great deal in a short time.  You can't schedule these here, but you can learn more about them here, and apply if you're interested.

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I have deeply benefited from working with Karen to grow my talents and skills as a leader, teacher, engineer, and healer. Her advice and wisdom have helped me to develop, anchor and promote an innovative paradigm-shifting regenerative community in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Tara J.

Karen has been an inspiration and great support to me since we met many years ago working together on a green business project. 

I agree with Karen that we all need restorative pauses that help keep us on track.  

Marvin K.

Karen has been working with me to tell my stories for many years. I love that the books we created together leave a history of not only my life, but of the people who made me who I am today.