Community Transformation

Helping green innovators develop and implement their sustainable visions

Strategy and Planning

For the last fifteen years, I have helped communities and businesses create strategies and plans to become greener and more resilient.

A recent example of strategic planning assistance was my work on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board for the City of Aurora Illinois where I helped update the City's sustainability plan:

Implementation and Project Management

For five years, from 2003 through 2008, I worked with the CEO of the Chicago Manufacturing Center to transform her vision of sustainable manufacturing into reality to create the Waste to Profit Network for the City of Chicago. We worked with hundreds of companies in the Chicago area to reduce waste going to landfill while creating new business opportunities for member companies of our network.


 About Karen 

Since the early 2000's, I have helped leaders, businesses and communities to create more prosperity while becoming better stewards of the earth.  I am an award-winning writer, nationally recognized innovator, and certified meditation instructor. 

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