Welcome to a preparation for a Spring Retreat!

Whether or not you attend the Earth Renaissance Spring Retreat , I hope you will find the meditations below to be healing and uplifting for you.

If you're attending the retreat, I recommend working with at least one of the visualizations below.

These are some of favorite meditations chosen by my regular attendees of the Earthkeepers Corner. The emphasis in all these videos is towards helping you discover the healing powers of your mind/body/creativity connection.

Video 1: Cellular Light Activation

A challenge we all face is how to maintain clean and clear energy, and to expand the amount of light and love we are able to share.

This simple visualization helps you tap into the power of your mind to affect your physical body at the cellular level.

Rather than take my word for it, try this visualization and notice what it does to your energy.  I love seeing the glow that this creates in people who have practiced it.  Please try it, especially if you are feeling exhausted and depleted.

Video 2: To the Temple Visualization

In the course of my years as a spiritual seeker and student, I have been led through many beautiful visualizations that are similar to this second video.

You may be familiar with this type of visualization as well.

The reason it is a common visualization is that it's powerful. We all need to connect to the sacred within us.  


When we use our imagination to create our own temple of the sacred, sometimes we gain profound insights into what we need at this time in our lives.  

Allow yourself to be surprised at what you encounter and the wisdom and inspiration you receive through this visualization.

Video 3: Heartlight Visualization

In many spiritual traditions, the heart is considered to be the power center for our soul and Spirit. This ten minute heart light visualization helps you to bring more calm and peace into your heart whatever your spiritual beliefs and practices might be..

You may find this particularly helpful for moving out of a too intellectually focused mindset.

Notice how this visualization makes you feel and if it helps you to work with challenges in your life in a different way.


Once you have done this once, you can easily shorten the visualization and do it every day whenever you need to center yourself.  

Video 4: Oracle Visualization

During chaotic, dangerous and confusing times, one of the tools that we all have is our intuition. 

There are two places in our bodies that are considered to be centers of intuition - our third eye and gut instincts.

In this visualization, we will tap into our gut instincts, but if you feel that working with your third eye is more valuable feel free to work with that part of your energy field.

This visualization helps us to listen to our intuition, and see if there is wisdom that it wants to share with us.

Video 5: Opening to Creativity

When we are going through difficult times, it may not feel right to focus on creativity. Sometimes if we are ill all we need to do is rest and recover.

This visualization is available for those of you who feel that tapping into your creativity may be helpful to you. If it feels overwhelming to consider opening to creativity, then ignore this visualization.

However, if you're ready to receive some messages from your inner "Creative Studio" please enjoy this short visualization.

Like any of the other visualizations on this page you can modify and shorten this practice so you can use it whenever you would like to move into your creative energy.

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