Spring 2020 Retreat 

Song Sets Us Free   

Welcome to Your Retreat Resource Page !

Thank you for retreating with me today! We are going to re-calibrate our energy and celebrate the song of our lives together.


Here are some resources and materials to help you make the most of this retreat.

You can download these worksheets for sessions 2 and 3 or use a journal or notebook if you prefer. You will probably want to take notes and record observations and insights.

Download for Session 2 free writing exercises following the vision quest at 11:00 am.

Download for Session 3 free writing exercises following the listening quest at 4:00 pm.

If you would like to download the lyrics to Song Sets Us Free, you can here.  We're using this song as an inspiration because knowing the song of our lives can lead us to more joy, freedom and peace. 

A Meditation for During and After the Retreat

During our lives, we may create or encounter songs that we don't want to keep. This simple meditation helps you release songs of grief, anger, anxiety, fear and terror. 

You may want to use this meditation often in the coming months to work with the healing power of the earth in a powerful and simple way.

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