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Since the early 2000's, I have helped people, businesses and communities become better leaders and mindful earthkeepers.  I am an award-winning writer, nationally recognized innovator, and certified meditation instructor. 

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Seasonal Virtual Retreat

A Powerful Opportunity to Make Changes for the Next Season

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A Seasonal Refresh 


Each change of season, offers us a chance to observe the natural transformation and shifts in our world, and pause to notice the natural changes emerging in ourselves.  


In every virtual retreat, I offer a taste of life reviewing and life mapping.  We celebrate and honor your life story, and then map out what to start, stop and maintain in the season ahead.

You get to choose whether you want to work with a green life map template or a mini-memoir template in the retreat.  Before the retreat, you will receive an email with instructions on how to receive your chosen template.

These virtual retreats are powerful healing experiences that help you better align with the seasons.  They also give you a chance to create a life map or Celebrate Your Life mini-memoir at a highly affordable price.

Our next retreat takes place on Saturday, December 21st from 10am to 2pm.  

To learn more, you can join my retreat list.  If you already know that you want to join the class, go ahead and register at the bottom of this page.

Creating a mini-memoir is a powerful to help you honor your life story, and move forward with respect and dignity for the rest of your life, with a clear understanding of the beauty of the life you have lived.  


If you're wondering if this is right for you, one way to learn more is to follow along with me as I describe this process between now and the Winter retreat. Follow me on my Restorative Pause Facebook page.

We will work with a simple system to create a powerful document that we can use for our personal development or as a Celebration of Life document to share with our family and friends.  You can also create a Celebration of Life for someone else during the retreat.


Here's what's included: 


  • An easy to update template for a 20 page ebook of your life story

  • A questionnaire of 35 questions to prepare you for our conversation

  • A guide book on how to use the template and the questionnaire together

  • A 4 hour retreat from 10am to 2pm to create your mini-memoir with me.


​The price for the retreat is $75, substantially less than working with me one-on-one.  This is my best offer of the year for creating a powerful document that will help you honor yourself and your life in different ways than you might have ever before.

What We Will Create During This Retreat?

Celebrate Your 2019 Story

Winter Virtual Retreat December 21, 2019

10am - 2pm CST

Retreat Cost: $75