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Retreat With Me

For Personal and Earth Renaissance

Why Retreat? 


Every year, I offer virtual retreats once per season, usually around the solstices and equinoxes.

During 2020, we all have an opportunity to use this unprecedented time to prepare ourselves in both practical and spiritual ways for the Earth Renaissance that is underway. 

This year has proven to be a traumatic time for anyone who has their heart open. There's a lot of fear and grief arising when we're dealing with real life and death situations that are turning our world upside down.

My retreats are a powerful day of re-tuning and recalibrating your heart, mind and energy.  So many of us need to help each other remember who we are and how to move through the toughest times with grace, patience and kindness.

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My final virtual retreat of 2020 is the Winter Solstice Retreat on December 20, 2020.  I would love to share this special day with you!

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This is a powerful time of rebirth and recalibration. If I can help you in any way with your journey this year, I would be glad to be of service  


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The Power of Regenerative Intentions

No matter how 2020 has been for you, this winter is a time for new beginnings. Every solstice is a time to remember the ways that we are connected to the changing seasons. Since ancient times, across the world, the winter solstice has been a time for goal setting and shifting our focus for the new year.. 

In this relaxing and powerful afternoon retreat we are going to discover and experience our personal secrets of regenerative manifesting.

We will explore and experience the role of intentions in:

  1. Creating positive results that help ourselves and others

  2. Transforming desires for wealth into regenerative manifesting that increases our net worth while also creating wealth that is good for the earth

  3. Allowing ourselves to receive safety and security that we need and deserve

  4. Creating large changes in ourselves and the world, if we are ready for them 

At the End of the retreat you will have:

  • Created a simple plan for green manifesting in 2021

  • Discovered the difference between your soul accomplishments and your ego accomplishments to this point in your life

  • Received a greater sense of your personal and unique manifesting secrets and how they help you grow and stay safe

  • Learned about 5 types of regenerative manifesting and determined which type is our predominant way of manifesting in positive ways

  • Decide what type of large change (if you are ready) that you are leading or being guided to lead in 2021

You will also receive:

On the morning of the retreat, you will receive a recorded video with an additional mindfulness practice you can use for regenerative manifesting, as well as a green manifesting worksheet for 2021.

Please join me on Sunday December 2020 to end this year with joy and celebration as well as to open to new possibilities in 2021.


Retreats of this kind generally are priced from $75 to much more. With the seasonal retreats, I offer them as pay what you want so that I can help as many people as possible at least once each season.  The donation that is most sustainable for my business is $50, but you can pay as little as $1. You get to choose what feels right for you on the Eventbrite page.