October 2019: 
Let Go to Receive
Understanding Harvest Season

Every month, we work on a different challenge in my Life Mapping program, the Restorers Corner, that relates to an overall seasonal theme.  

In October 2019, our monthly focus is Let Go to Receive! We're looking at what it means to create a bountiful harvest by releasing what is no longer helpful.


  • In our first week, we will choose one thing to let go of this month so that we can receive more of something else.

  • In week 2, we explore our soul accomplishments from the point of view of receiving help.

  • In the third week, we will look at the map we have been making in 2019 with our choices.

  • In the final week of the challenge, we will celebrate the ways we let go to receive.


This challenge is part of my year-long program.  If you would like to join us in following the map of your deepest desires, consider joining the Restorers Corner.


Check out the Restorative Pause for this month here.

Monthly Challenge

Following the Map of Your Deepest Desires

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