Pre-Retreat Exercise

A Powerful Mind and Energy Reset

The Science of Changing Our Neural Networks 


The meditation that you will find below is based on the principles in Dr. Rick Hanson's book Hardwiring Happiness. This is a fairly short meditation, with Debussy's Reverie played by Joe Malambri as background music.  Like every other practice that I share, this is something you can use again and again.  In this case, the practice helps you to refine how your brain works.

If you choose to do this meditation, you will be doing practices that build upon positive memories and expand their power within your neural networks.  Our brains are naturally geared to seek out problems and move into fear.  We strengthen our happiness and our ability to make wise decisions when reinforce the types of stories that the meditation guides you to find within your life story.

Our Fall retreat builds upon this exercise.


In the Fall Retreat, we will be choosing actions to stop, start and maintain to help us become more of who we want to be.  It's best to come into the retreat with a mind that is less fearful, which is why I'm sharing this pre-retreat exercise.


The retreat takes place on Saturday, September 21st at 1pm and will last about an hour.  It's limited to 40 participants, with a fee of $25 for the retreat and materials that will help you to plan and implement powerful changes in the season ahead. 

Mind/Energy Reset Meditation
Mind and Energy ResetKaren Powers Wan
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If possible, take  the time to listen to the meditation because it helps you to answer the questions in the exercise.

This exercise you to see that you have the power to rewire the way your brain works by the stories you choose to remember fondly.

This an amazing power that we have, that goes beyond positive thinking to having verifiable physical effects. I hope you will try this!

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Fall Virtual Retreat September 21, 2019

1pm CST

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