Why You Need to Slow Down to Restore Now

Choosing Ways to Restore Yourself This Season

We're approaching the time of year when you're most likely to get sick, if you're not careful to keep your immune system healthy.

In the United States, the time between December and February is the worst time of the year for flu and colds. Unfortunately, I'm learning my own lesson, and working through bronchitis right now. Whether you're not feeling well and need to recover like me, or you want to stay feeling well.

There are things we can do to keep ourselves healthier. Most of them require planning to pause our busy life and slow down to restore our human body. You may need a different kind of pause than your neighbor. So, consider what works for you.

Most of us benefit from spending time outdoors in nature. Walking our dogs is one way to add a restorative pause.

Another way is to start or continue to meditate, maybe even extending your meditation time or practicing morning and evening.

For others, pausing to move every 50 minutes during your waking hours is all you need to keep yourself from getting depleted. Gentle movement can keep many of us healthier.

There are two seasons, which I suggest strongly that you slow down to restore yourself -- winter and summer. So, even if you live in the southern hemisphere, and you're not worried about cold season, this is still a good time to replenish yourself.

I will be leading several retreats in the next few months to help you slow down to restore and maintain your health and well-being. My next free retreat, entitled Tis the Season to Be Mindful is this Saturday at 2pm. You can sign up here.

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