What Will You Restore This Week?

You may not be able to go rest in a hammock on a beautiful island this week, but you may be able to restore yourself or maybe even something greater than yourself this week.

This is the time of year when we can feel enthused by the upcoming holiday season or exhausted by the thought of more things to add to our to-do-lists.

I would like to a few options to help you create a retreat for yourself in the upcoming week. If you happen to live near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, or would like to visit, the National Water Center is holding their annual gratitude festival next weekend, starting November 8, 2019.

Due to illness, I won't be able to travel for the session that I'm leading on Saturday, November at 2pm. So, I will be offering a Tis the Season to Be Mindful retreat virtually.

You can sign up for that retreat here. It helps you to celebrate this year, and your life story in general.

My Mindful Holiday Collection is another way of listening to guided meditations and music to help you get ready for the holiday season. When you purchase the collection you also receive a Mindful Holiday Workbook.

These are all ways to give yourself a low-cost retreat that helps you focus on how you want to complete 2019, and ways to even expand your prosperity in the final months of this year.

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