To bully or not to bully ... choices in time management

Do you bully yourself into action?

Yesterday, I shared some ideas on how to use kindness to master your time. In today's video, I discuss the techniques many of us actually use -- bullying ourselves into action. At the retreat next week we will discuss how to approach time management and time mastery with the opposite approach. A bully is someone who intimidates the vulnerable. The opposite of a bully is a champion, protector, guardian, or caretaker. As you think about how you would like to manage your time between now and the end of 2020, would you rather bully yourself into action or be a champion of your gifts, talents and skills and approach the use of your time differently. I'm looking forward to sharing ways to do this next Tuesday. You don't need to bully yourself, when you can be a wise guardian of your time instead!

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