The pillars of transformation and why it's a good time to consider them now

Whenever we want to change ourselves, our work, relationships, communities or anything else that is important to us, there are pillars of transformation that help us move forward. We're at that time of year, when we can look back at what we created and transformed during 2019.

Think back to some positive transformation in your life or work, or something you have observed in the world. There are four pillars that almost every change goes through:

  1. Honoring Your Life Story/Or Getting Real About What's True

  2. Creating a Restorative Vision for Your Next Chapter in Life

  3. Implementing Your Dream

  4. Moving from Achievement to Legacy

When I have mentored and coached women and men over the years, I have seen how helpful it can be to look at what you want to change in respect to these pillars of transformation. When you know which pillar of transformation you are building upon, it's easier to know what to do next. Usually, we don't jump right from honoring our life story to creating a legacy. Personal, business, and community development are all built upon these pillars of transformation.

So, look at anything you might want to change now. Are you stuck in the planning stage? Might you actually have achieved a dream, and don't realize that you are in the legacy phase of transformation?

The end of the year is a great time to honor what has transpired this year, no matter what it has been, and ask yourself if there are any new transformations that you want to make. This way of looking at change is different than creating new year resolutions. Due to the seasons, for many people the springtime and fall are better times to create and implement new ideas. So, if you do generate some ideas for change, and don't get to them until the Spring or Autumn of next year, don't beat yourself up for that. In fact, you might want to plan your implementations around the seasons.

We're moving out of the traditional harvest time of the year, and into the holiday season, which has a strong emphasis on gratitude, and honoring the life story of all people.

What kind of change, if any feels right for you now? Can you see that it might be a good time to do a transformational review at this time of the year. If possible, find some time to take a restorative pause during the next few weeks to consider what type of change you're ready to create in 2020, and what aspect of transformation you're ready to make.

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