Personal Mastery Coaching

Building upon the foundations of your life story

Personal Leadership Coaching
Connecting to Your Story

Honor your life story
No matter what it has been,
Because your story has sustained you up to this day. 

And who knows what untold good you may have done 

Or what kindness, compassion and beauty
you can still create,
And share generously with the world,
Before your story is ended.​​

Most people don't take the time to review their life story. They think their life doesn't matter, or they didn't accomplish enough. Or they're too busy to take the time to look back at the high points of their life.

When my father died, I was put in charge of collecting the photos to capture his memory, and what his life meant.  I only had a very short time to look through a lifetime of photos and try to capture the moments and people which mattered to him.

I wish my father had shared more of his life story, so that I would have known what mattered to him.  He was a quiet man who didn't talk much about his past.


Often, the people in our lives don't know our deepest soul accomplishments, desires and the challenges we overcame.  

Personal Mastery begins with knowing your value.

I created this foundation of leadership offering to help you celebrate your life in a very concise way, which helps you expand your mastery.

If you want to work with me in one-on-one coaching, we begin with an assessment of where you stand with understanding and honoring your life story.

You may love personal mastery coaching with me if:


  • You're ready for a new chapter in your life and want to look back at your past with kindness

  • You know that life is short, and you want to share your experiences with the people you love

  • You're a caregiver, and want to help someone you love to remember their life experiences in a beautiful way

  • Unfortunately, someone you have loved has died, and you want to create a document that honors their Life.

  • You're familiar with my work and like my style and ideas around transformational coaching

  • You need to remember what makes your life matter

Is This a Good Time to
Discover or Remember 
Your Strengths and Gifts?

These are the requirements for the Personal Mastery basic package:


  • Online access to either Word or Googledocs.  You have access to both methods for updating the template.

  • Meaningful photos to add to your personal mastery ebook.

  • You will need about two hours of preparation time for our first call.

  • One hour of time for our one-on-one call.

When you choose this package, I send you an introductory packet, and we set up a time to speak over Zoom.  The more you can work through the materials that I send you, the more powerful our coaching session will be.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

I offer this powerful process to help women and men to honor and remember the history of their personal mastery, and develop a foundational document that they can build upon.  


Here's what's included: 

  • A pre-call questionnaire and workbook

  • An easy to update template for creating your personal mastery foundations.

  • A one hour coaching call to review your personal mastery 

  • Access to the Restorers Corner group coaching for a year.


​The price for this special package is $300.


If you do the work included in this package,  you will have a clearer understanding of the good you have already created, and the beginnings of a roadmap of the good you have yet to create.

Personal Mastery Package 
Mindful Earthkeepers Private Group

Purchase of a Life Map Session entitles you to membership in my Earthkeepers Corner group for a year

As a member, you receive access to videos, mindfulness practices and other resources that I create for clients throughout the year.  You also have access to my daily mindfulness calls M-F mornings. 

 About Karen 

Since the early 2000's, I have helped leaders, businesses and communities to create more prosperity while becoming better stewards of the earth.  I am an award-winning writer, nationally recognized innovator, and certified meditation instructor. 

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