Healing with Music

Music is an important aspect of the healing rituals that I offer through my work. 


Not all music is restorative.   Science has found that the most restorative music includes pauses between phrases and motifs. We make an effort to add restorative healing pauses in music in the background of mindfulness practices you can find on this site.

Science has also discovered that listening to music can increase your creativity and focus as you work.  So, you may want to listen to some of our collections at work.

The Restorative

Power of Music

Calming Your Mind and Heart With Gentle Music

Some Kind Words About Our Music

What beautiful music these two fantastic artists have produced together!  I have been listening to "The Begin Again" collection as I am writing my next book, and it has such a wonderfully cathartic, soothing, and peaceful effect.  Each time I listen, I feel rejuvenated with an increased sense of clarity and optimism.   Bravo, to these two artists for producing such an uplifting gift. 

— Justin Buffer, Author,

Educational Consultant,

Cambridge Learning Center

Creating Music With Joe Malambri

It's a delight to create music with Joe Malambri, and I love to share the results of our collaboration with you.


Sometimes inspiration comes from songs my creative writing. Others times meditative music is inspired by artists as varied Grieg to Billy Joel.  


In this short video, you get a peek behind the scenes of our creative process with Joe at the piano.


Each song we offer is developed with care and attention to beauty and restorative properties. Joe then uses enhances his compositions with music software that allows him to refine the wide array of music that we brainstorm on my piano each year.

 About Karen 

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