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I help people and communities build restorative prosperity.  I am an award-winning writer and sustainable program director, and certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project. I also serve on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board of the second largest city in Illinois, and the board for the National Water Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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December 2019
Restorative Pause

The December restorative pause is a guided visualization and blessing to help you connect with those you are here to serve.

This is a simple visualization for connecting with the life you are here to inspire, love, enlighten, restore or assist in some way.  It also helps you to be a blessing on our beautiful earth.


I suggest you perform this visualization as a regular practice. It’s especially helpful for when you’re feeling despondent, doubting your value, or in any way disconnected from the rest of life.

If you get lost at any time during the visualization, breathe in the unseen gratitude of others for all the good you have done in your life and will do. With every exhale, release any feelings of regret, inadequacy or shame for not being enough.


Allow this visualization to help you feel the role you play in sustaining goodness in the world.  


Honor yourself.  


Know that without the blessing of your presence, love, and energy, goodness would be diminished.


You are important.

This visualization connects with what my Sustaining Story blessing:


Honor your life story
No matter what it has been,
Because your story has sustained you up to this day.

And who knows what untold good you may have done! 

Or what kindness, compassion and beauty
you can still create,
And share generously with the world,
Before your story is ended.

The Sustaining Story blessing is a restorative pause that can help you to remember your own goodness. In this visualization and blessing, we go a step further by celebrating the mystery of your unseen connection to the soul journey of life on earth. 

Be a Beacon Blessing and VisualizationKaren Wan with music by Joe Malambri
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Restorative Pause

A monthly practice to restore yourself with music and meditation