The Healthy Holiday Collection

Restore Your Heart, Mind and Body This Season 

Happy Holidays!


I love the beautiful music that my friend Joe Malambri created for this holiday collection. You can listen to this original seasonal and classic holiday music a beautiful backdrop while you work and go about your day or to provide soul nourishment  as you move through the holidays.

As my holiday gift for you, on this page, you can access three powerful guided meditations that support the kind of contemplations and planning that help at this time of year.


The Honor Your Life Story meditation helps you celebrate the year that has been.

Preparing fo the Next Chapter meditation helps you stay on track with what you want to accomplish next.

Gratitude for the Good is a meditation you can use at any time to connect with your natural and authentic reasons to be grateful for your life.


Honor Your Life Story
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Preparing for The Next Chapter
00:00 / 01:04
Gratitude for the Good
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When you purchase the Healthy Holiday Collection, you also receive a bonus that helps you transform the meditations into three healing retreats.












The Mindful Holiday Guide also includes tips and exercises that you can use to create three mindfulness retreats for yourself during this sometimes stressful time of year. 


The guide includes a Green Living Checklist to remind you to remember your values and how you create green prosperity through your choices and generosity all year long.

Honor the Winter Solstice With Me!

If you would like to experience a special live retreat with me, click here to join my virtual Winter retreat on December 21, 2019.  


For thousands of years, across the world, people celebrated the solstices as sacred days. Today, the solstices continue to be markers of the balance between light and darkness. Here in the northern hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is our shortest day of the year.

This Winter remember our connection to our ancient past and our journey through the stars.  This is a beautiful time to attune ourselves with the seasons and our own hearts and minds.  I would love to share this reminder of the cycles of transformation that are always available to us.  

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