Earth Renaissance Transformation


Restore your hope, 

power, beauty and ability to transform yourself and others in this important year of our earth's history.

The Earth Renaissance and You


Hi, my name is Karen Powers Wan. The Earth Renaissance Collection was born from my passion for transforming the effects of human behavior on our earth with the healing power of nature, music, blessings and animals.  I have been an award-winning sustainability advocate, meditation instructor, and coach for over 15 years.


With the talents of my dear friend Joe Malambri and members of my Restorers Corner program, I created a series of special blessings, mindfulness practices and a simple and effective guide to help you connect with your power and your role in creating an Earth Renaissance. 

Are you ready to own your power and connection to the sacred and the earth to create strong foundations for your own role in the coming Earth Renaissance?

Do you know that blessings and intentions have a real effect on the world?


Is it difficult to stay focused on the kind of restorative lifestyle you really want?


Are you overwhelmed by the challenges you face in your life and work, and know that you're disconnected from the sacred in your daily life?


Have you lost your passion for restoration and healing of the earth because you find the destruction and violence you see in the world today too overwhelming?  And you know you can't do this on your own?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the state of humanity and the planet.


The truth is if you want to keep showing up and taking action on caring for the earth, you need a process for restoring yourself that is comprehensive and simple. 

A burned-out advocate for the earth has a hard time bringing truth, beauty, and goodness into the world. I know because I have been in that place before.

Your contribution is so needed and important. I’d love to help you better align with the creation of a new Era of Earth Renaissance, and at the same time show you ways to enjoy more ease and happiness in your own life in this next year.

If any of these situations resonate with you, I have created a simple set of blessings and practices to reconnect you with your true power and restore yourself while you care for the earth in 2020.

Blessing Seven

Listen to a Sample:

Your 2020 Earth Renaissance Toolkit includes seven audio blessings that reset your energy in 2 to 5 minutes each. You can hear them all them below to get a taste of my work.


The Slow Down to Restore guide builds upon these blessings to give you a powerful template for action.

The toolkit is simple - 7 blessings, 5 restorative practices and three checklists. It offers the right amount of focus and inspiration, so that you're supported but not overwhelmed in bringing the sacred into your life and work. This is a guide you can use for the rest of your life.

Listen to the audio blessings below to get a taste of my work, and an introduction to the tool kit.  When you purchase the toolkit, they are yours forever.

One: Start Fresh

Sustaining Story Blessing

The Sustaining Story Blessing helps you tune in to the first step any personal transformation.  None of us can move forward in a restorative way if we aren't in positive relationship to our life story.  I share this blessing at every workshop that I offer because I think it's so important to honor our life stories no matter what they have been.

Listen to this Blessing :

Sustaining Story Blessing Karen Powers Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 02:12

Two: Opening to the Life in Everything 

This is both a blessing and external meditation/mindfulness practice. This helps you to listen to the song of life in everything. 

Listen to this mindfulness practice:

Earth Renaissance - Opening to the Life in EverythingKaren Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 04:34

Three: For Ice and Snow and All the Earth's Water

Our third blessing is a general blessing for keeping our waters pure, with a special focus on maintaining ice and snow across the world that keeps our earth balanced and healthy

Listen to the Ice and Snow blessing:

Blessing the Ice and SnowKaren Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 03:24

Four: Your Role in the Earth Renaissance

The fourth blessing, maybe the most important one in the collection, is  an intention for a new day, when humanity comes together to create new ways of living with the earth, and with each other.

Listen to the Renaissance Intention

Earth Renaissance IntentionKaren Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 05:03

Five: Blessing the Path Ahead

Our path ahead may be a winding and treacherous, or smooth and peaceful.  In this mindfulness practice, we flow with the trails we encounter in years to come, and bless the earth whatever challenges and opportunities lay ahead.

Listen to the Blessing/Mindfulness Practice:

Winding Trail Mindfulness PracticeKaren Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 09:08

Six: Blessing the Earth

The sixth blessing is a blessing for the land and the song of the land.  The song of the earth sets us free to be the people we want to be. 

Listen to the Blessing:

Blessing the LandsKaren Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 04:01

Seven: Restorative Prosperity


The final blessing is a personal blessing to help you remember the elements of prosperity that matter most. Sometimes we need to recognize that the world is beautiful despite all its problems and tragedies, and we need to take time for gratitude and celebration of what is here before us now.


Note: The music in the background of this blessing is a meditative version of my favorite original song that Joe and I created together in the last several years called the Song of the Pommier Belle Fleur.  If you would like to listen to that song without the blessing and the rest or our original music on its own, listen here

Listen to the final blessing:

Restorative Prosperity Karen Wan and Joe Malambri
00:00 / 04:24

Earth Renaissance


Slow Down to Restore

This is a guide that I wish that I had when I was creating an award-winning green business network for the City of Chicago back in 2006. Instead of slowing down to restore myself at that time, I stressed myself out completely and developed double pneumonia. Since that time, I have learned how to slow down to restore and play my role in the Earth Renaissance in different ways.


This simple guide is a foundational template to live more restoratively in 2020 in less than 40 pages. 


If you do nothing else in 2020, consistently practice the five foundational restorative practices, so that you can become a more authentic and powerful version of yourself.

As you begin to adopt the focus areas in the checklists, you can be a role model of being a leader in the Earth Renaissance, no matter what work or livelihood you find yourself doing.  

Own the Earth Renaissance collection



The Earth Renaissance Collection leads you to develop or expand your own essential restorative living practices.  You have hidden reserves of strength, kindness, and compassion within yourself that you need and so does the world around you.


Make 2020 the year you reconnect with your inner goodness and align your actions with what is good for the earth and for your own future.

Let this be the year that you add the power of the sacred to the restorative actions you are already doing. 


Move away from the noise of competing distractions, trust what is calling you to be part of a new way of living.


Thank you for being a carrier of goodness for our earth, and thank you for being someone who shows up to restore what needs healing. 


May this 2020 Earth Renaissance Collection uplift you to play whatever part you are called to take on in the coming Earth Renaissance.


Love and peace,

Heal Yourself & heal the earth


the Earth Renaissance Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions:

When you purchase the Earth Renaissance Collection, you can download everything and keep it forever. I’m delighted if you share a recording with your kids or a friend when you are together, or discuss the guide in a group setting, but do not give away the copyrighted material. If someone you know wishes to purchase the collection, please send them to this page.

I’m not offering a money-back guarantee.  To lower the risk of purchase, I created excerpts of each of the blessings or intentions so that you could have a good sense of what is offered here.  This gives you the chance to make an informed decision. If this doesn't resonate with you deeply, listen to your own discernment on what's right for you.

©2020 by Karen Powers Wan.