Find Your Vision

Creating Your Green Map for Prosperity

Is this Your Situation Now?
  • You're at the beginning of a new chapter in your life

  • Your confidence to make changes in your life is beginning to emerge, but you're feeling a little shaky

  • Your understanding of what is missing in your current life is increasing

  • You may have completed a life review, and know that some things need to change

  • You would like to go green AND become more prosperous

Results You Might Like:
  • Clarity on what you would like to or need to change in your life

  • Greater awareness what is working that you should keep doing
  • Guidance on next steps to take in your life
  • Closure with parts of your life story that have completed
  • An improved connection between your actions and your deepest values
  • An understanding of how you could create greater prosperity by going green
How to Use Your Green
Life Map:

This is a document you DON'T want to keep changing over and over again.  I suggest spend enough time creating your Green Life Map that it represents what you deeply desire, and isn't too overwhelming.


Remember, we're only mapping the next chapter, not every step of the rest of your life.  We're adding intention to the way that you move through life.    


Give yourself some time to implement or experiment with the vision that you receive in our session together.


And let the magic of life work for you, and through you.

What You Receive:
  • Overview Video

  • Guided Visualization

  • Exercise to Help You Uncover Your Deepest Motivations

  • 2 hour coaching retreat with me over Zoom

  • Restorative Living Recommendations Customized for You

  • Life Map Template customized for you

 About Karen 

Since the early 2000's, I have helped leaders, businesses and communities to create more prosperity while becoming better stewards of the earth.  I am an award-winning writer, nationally recognized innovator, and certified meditation instructor. 

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