Gratitude for the Good

Gratitude Meditation 

Let's Get Started

This Restorative Pause takes about 10 minutes to complete.  


Before you begin, you may want to:

  • Clear your time so that you are not distracted during the visualization and exercise

  • Find a comfortable space where you can relax while you are doing this
  • Create an intention for being open to whatever comes up for you in the visualization and exercise. Sometimes, the visualization doesn't seem to be working, and then you notice that you're able to answer questions in ways you would not have expected.

Shamata Meditation

Guided Visualization:

Finding Your VisionKaren Wan, music by Joe Malambri
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I suggest using this visualization no more than once a season.  


You want to give yourself time to do the actions that you discover as a result of this exercise, and allow the power of intention to work in your life.

Music to Work By

Finding Your VisionMusic by Joe Malambri
00:00 / 01:04

About Karen Powers Wan

I am a holistic life coach with a special gift for helping mature women and men to honor their life stories, and celebrate the beauty of their lives. I have a reputation for the sustainability projects that I've led, and I like to bring an uplifting restorative focus into the Life Review, Life Mapping, and Life Pauses  that I offer.

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