About Karen

My story and credentials for helping you 

One of my life themes is being a behind the scenes advisor. For over thirty years, I have worked with hundreds of innovative men and women to transform their visions into reality.  Some of my work has been with business, some with individuals, and some with cities. I continue to enjoy supporting the honoring of natural greatness wherever I encounter it.

Organizing and Simplifying

Whether working as a product engineer and international liaison for IBM taking an idea from development through manufacturing, or creating an award-winning green business network for the City of Chicago from concept to grant development to implementation, I helped to take complex ideas and make them work.  I bring this organizational skill to all the work I share with my clients.

Working with Story

I have a deep love of writing and story, which developed through over a decade of work as a professional writer for Fortune 100 and entrepreneurs.  I realized that I had some talent for writing and understanding story when I won the English Award in high school.  I developed this talent over the years in my work as a professional writer. I also was a Marketing Director for a software start-up in the early 2000's.  I understand how story sells, manipulates, and reveals the truth. My goal is to empower you with the wisest use of story.

Working With Energy and Mind 


Energy work is something that I discovered later in life. It is a foundational piece of what I offer in my Restorers Corner program and in the trainings that clients receive in the Life Review or Life Mapping.


My first encounter with energy work was as part of personal transformation work with Dr. Barbara DeAngelis.  I graduated from her Transformation Circle program in 2010. She taught me how to look at soul accomplishments and how transformation occurs on the vibrational level.  I learned about the concept of Presence from her.


I am certified to teach mindfulness meditation through Susan Piver's Open Heart Project.  Buddhists believe that you receive a transmission when you are taught meditation by someone who has been taught meditation by a Buddhist Master.  I felt a transmission from Susan in her work, and I see transmission is part of the way we transform other people with our Presence. Meditation helps us clean up our mind and our energy.  I have practiced meditation for over twenty years, and it's an important aspect of what I offer.

Sustainable and Restorative Living

For the last five years, I have served on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board and the National Water Center board in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  I played a key role in updating the sustainability plan for the City of Aurora Illinois, and am currently leading the work on a comprehensive renewable energy plan for that advisory board. 


My work with sustainable development began when  I was a Sustainability Director for a non-profit serving manufacturers in Chicago in 2004.  During that time, I also became certified to offer executing coaching as a result of training from the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).  My coaching work over the years led me into looking at the concept of natural greatness and restorative living.  Ideally, good coaching reveals and expands our natural greatness, instead of helping us fit into someone else's mold of who you should be.


The life review and life mapping training that I offer is built upon all of my experiences in business development, marketing, story development, sustainability, energy work, and executive coaching.

You can read more of my point of view about life reviews and life mapping process on this site and my Restorative Pause Facebook page

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 About Karen 

Since the early 2000's, I have helped leaders, businesses and communities to create more prosperity while becoming better stewards of the earth.  I am an award-winning writer, nationally recognized innovator, and certified meditation instructor. 

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