Do you need to be deeply heard?

There are times when we need the power of conversation to move out of our habitual ways of presenting ourselves and moving through the world. 

So much of the time, we are encouraged to be bold, and Act Big or go home.  Many of us would rather go home.


Overly aggressive goal setting can be defeating for someone who is meant to be a quiet force for good in the world.

There are other ways to move forward and express our innate greatness. The right kind of conversations can help us discover those other paths.


For some of us, conversations are at the heart of our personal transformation.  


Without the power of listening and connecting to another human being, we can lose a part of our humanity.


Conversations that allow you to perceive yourself and your life differently can help you discover and trust your natural greatness.  

“Karen has been an inspiration and great support to me since we met many years ago working together on a green business project. 

I agree with Karen that we all need restorative pauses that help keep us on track.  I appreciate the impact of the work we're developing in the weekly Restorers Corner.”

— Tara Jeyaratnam, Women's Empowerment Network


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Karen Wan
Business Meeting
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