About Karen Powers Wan

I help people and communities build restorative prosperity.  I am an award-winning writer and sustainable program director, and certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project. I also serve on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board of the second largest city in Illinois, and the board for the National Water Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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Chart a New Course

Listen to Desire and Necessity to Set a New Course

Map the Course for Your Next Destination

Life Mapping, helps you to look at where you are going, even when you can't see the next steps ahead of you.

Your unique life map is based on your intentions, whether you are aware of them or not.  I help you to see your competing intentions, and to bring them into better harmony.  We do in this context of creating greater prosperity by shifting your lifestyle.

I help you to create:

  1. The vision of where you want to go, who you want to become  

  2. Determine actions and behaviors you want to keep doing, start doing, and stop doing to live a more sustainable lifestyle

  3. Complete unfinished business that is holding you back

  4. Set the mood or tone of your new course

  5. Define practices you need to master to reach your next destination

The cost of the life map is $100, and includes a half hour session with me as well as all the materials you will need to create a more sustainable lifestyle that carries you through the next chapter of your life.

Is Green Life Mapping Right for You?

Not everyone needs the type of Life Mapping I offer.  Life Mapping could be right for you if you:

  • Trust the power of your intuition to help you create a life map

  • Know that your imagination sometimes need to face the realities of the real world

  • Have patience that the power of intention works

  • Realize that you have to let go of grasping after certain goals

  • Are ready to explore your life choices on a weekly basis in a non-judgmental way

  • Care about the earth and future generations

  • Want to create more prosperity for yourself with less effort

  • Be open to creating a new lifestyle

There is some time required to fill out a questionnaire, and a life map document that I send to you after our conversation.


I enjoy Karen's Life Mapping program and have deeply benefited from working with her to grow my talents and skills as a leader, teacher, engineer, and healer. Her advice and wisdom has helped me to develop, anchor and promote an innovative paradigm-shifting regenerative community in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

— Dr. Lisa Wipplinger, Executive Director, National Water Center

Members Only Library

Purchase of a Life Map Session entitles you to membership in my Library

As a member, you receive access to meditations, videos, and other resources that I create for clients throughout the year.  You can see a sample of the type of restorative pauses and exercises that are offered on the Love with Life page. The materials in the Library give you reminders on how to keep honoring and expanding your life story.