About Karen Powers Wan

I help people and communities build restorative prosperity.  I am an award-winning writer and sustainable program director, and certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project. I also serve on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board of the second largest city in Illinois, and the board for the National Water Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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A Passion for Restorative Aging 

Most of us would like to be more prosperous, feel safe and secure, and have more love in our lives as we grow older.

We can create many strategies for protecting our wealth and ourselves, but the truth is that we're all connected to the rest of life. If we want to make positive change happen, we also need to connect with the rest of life differently. 


You don't need to be extremely wealthy to live well. My retreats, coaching and meditations are all designed to honor your most authentic self and improve your security as you age.


With over twenty years of experience as an award-winning writer, sustainability and executive coach, and meditation practitioner, I am dedicated to helping women and men of midlife and beyond to grow their prosperity by living green.


Honor the Story We Lived

As we age, we need to honor our life story no matter what it has been and look for soul accomplishments. This sets us up to be more influential and impactful in our work, our retirement, and elder years. Shame is not a long-term strategy to increase restoration in our world. Increasing respect for life is more effective than trying to shame people into transforming.

Intention is Our Friend

No matter our age, we need to map out our future progress using the power of intention. While we can't control the future, our intentions connect us to the rest of life. Intentions are more powerful than many of us realize, and they affect those we love. Our power to work with intention does not diminish with age.  Our intentions may be even more important than ever.

Connect With Joy

Joyous rituals that we practice every day can help us live longer. One way of creating more joy in our lives is through the use of different kinds of meditations   A meditation practice helps us to be in relation to people and life from our most authentic and powerful center.  I offer a core set of practices that can help you strengthen your mind/body/spirit connection to create more joy in your day.

Foundations of Transformation as We Age