Let's Get Started . . .

Congratulations for taking the time to Celebrate Your Life and document it for yourself or for someone you love.

Step 1: Review the Template

The Celebrate Your Life template was created in google docs, and is very easy to edit. Here's the Word version of the template for those of you who prefer that version.


Before you get started with editing it, review through the whole document, and see what area of the document is your best starting point.

Step 2: Choose What to Add to Your Celebrate Your Life book

I created two documents to help you find your focus for your book.  You could probably create this book within a few hours, or take as long as you desire with the guide, questions and exercises.



The Celebrate Your Life Guide identifies five areas that will help you look at your life in a holistic way.



You may prefer to work with discovery questions in one document, which is why I created a questionnaire to supplement the Celebrate Your Life Guide.  You can print out the questionnaire and use it as a discovery tool.  You might also choose to only work with the questions that have most meaning for you, and create a journal or a folder this project.

Start filling out the Questionnaire.