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Earthkeeper rising

Preparing for Massive Change 

While this year has been unpredictable to say the least, I believe next year is the year when big change happens.

This is the time to create a strategy to sustain you now and move you into an incredible new era.

Since 2003, my mission has been to help communities, innovative leaders, and businesses to become more sustainable and resilient, and create an earth renaissance that helps more of us to thrive and live more meaningful and happier lives.

If you are an Earthkeeper, you are needed more than ever, and I can help you rise.

Do you need special attention?
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Celebrate Your Life

Our life story is not ours alone. It is connected with the rest of life.


Many of us need to celebrate our life and share our wisdom more than ever.


The Celebrate Your Life process is powerful and can transform your relationship with your life's purpose and soul's journey, maybe especially through these difficult times.

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Chart a New Course

This is a good time to review your intentions for the future. None of us can do much planning now, but we can tap into how we want to move through this time of sudden change. 


I want to suggest that you create A Green Life Map to help you flow with life, rather than against it.  


Even in uncertain times, we can tap into the power of our desires, character, grit, and synchronicity as we seek to create a compassionate next stage of our lives.

Rock Balancing

Create Healing Rituals

One of the secrets of men and women who live to be 100 or older is that they practice healing rituals.  

Have you seen the story of the 101 Italian man who survived the 1918-1919 pandemic and the latest COV19 pandemic? I don't know why he has such a strong immune system, but I would guess it's because the rituals in his life give him joy and a reason to live.

I am lead mindfulness practices daily Monday through Friday in my Earthkeeper's Corner program. And every season, the members of Earthkeepers Corner get free access to the seasonal class.