About Karen Powers Wan

I help people and communities build restorative prosperity.  I am an award-winning writer and sustainable program director, and certified meditation instructor from the Open Heart Project. I also serve on the Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board of the second largest city in Illinois, and the board for the National Water Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

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The Gentle Path to 

Green Prosperity


Since 2003, my mission has been to help make the world a more just and sustainable place.  I have been involved in big and small projects to create a brighter future, and have worked with hundreds of companies, and possibly thousands of people to do this work.

I also care deeply about midlife women and men who maybe aren't as financially prepared for retirement as they would like to be.  So many people in America have no retirement savings, with threats to cut medicare and social security, it leaves many of us feeling anxious and unprepared for the future.


So, I created programs to teach simple strategies on how to grow greener in every way as we age, and build the foundations for thriving in our elder years.  


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Creating Prosperity the Sustainable Way

Our life story is not ours alone. It is connected with the rest of life. Many of us need to celebrate our life and share our wisdom. I offer retreats and private sessions to help you look back on your life with kindness and appreciation. We create a 20 page mini-memoir that you can use for yourself or share with others a celebration of your life.  The Celebrate Your Life process is powerful and can transform your relationship with your life's purpose and soul's journey.

Celebrate Your Life

I offer a powerful method of life mapping to help you create a greener lifestyle that works with the power of intentions, intuition, and your life goals. We create practical steps for you to move into a better future.  A Green Life Map helps us flow with life, rather than against it.  We also tap into the power of desire, will, and synchronicity as we seek to create the next chapter of our lives.

Chart a New Course

One of the secrets of men and women who live to be 100 or older is that they practice joyous rituals.  I create newguided meditations every month to support the development of joyous rituals in your life. I'm also a certified Shamata meditation instructor, and can teach you how to connect with your authentic self, and slow down to discover the goodness that is already present in your life. 


Create Joyous Rituals

To create green prosperity you need a plan to live restoratively now and into the future.  This includes creating emergency savings, investments, and considering how you want to grow old and what type of community you want to discover or create throughout your life. This season, you can get a free copy of the Live Green to Prosper checklist when you join my newsletter with the link below.

Go Green to Prosper

The Foundations of Living Well in our Elder Years

There are many ways that we can approach midlife and beyond.  I offer story-based, intentional, and restorative practices that you can use in your later years to improve your standard of living.